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Wikipedia analytics

Find trending topics on Wikipedia

250 topics every hour

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Detailed charts

Plot trends at hourly/daily granularity

Trend history

Scroll through a history of trends

Search and follow topics

Create your portfolio of topics to follow


Compare trends

Compare trends within groups of topics


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Vitribyte Insight Trending Topics

Wikipedia analytics

Detailed insights into what’s trending up/down on Wikipedia. Multiple window lengths to capture spikes as well as gradual trends. History of trends on a hourly basis.

Compare trends

Add topics to a group to analyze them together. Compare trends and overall traffic within industry segments. Create multiple groups for different sets of topics.

Compare trends using groups in Vitribyte Insight
Analyze Volume Changes

Volume Changes

Top 250 topics by increase/decrease in traffic. Available for time windows ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours for fine/coarse analysis. History of volume changes on a hourly basis.

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Topic Trends

Search a database of 3.1 Million topics. Plot traffic trends of these topics during different time intervals. Hourly granularity for the past 7 days. Daily granularity for data prior to that.

Analyze Topic Trends
Create your portfolio of topics in Vitribyte Insight

Custom portfolios

Monitor your favorite topics by adding them to a custom portfolio. Plot trends at hourly/daily granularity.

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